Admission Committee

A senior faculty will be nominated as the coordinator of the committee. Faculty from different departments will be co-opted as members to complete the admission process.The Principal oversees the functioning of the admission process. Usually, the committee is formed before the announcement of PUC results.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • The Committee will
  • • formulate and execute the admission criteria and ensure filling up of seats according to merit & intake capacity.
  • • ensure transparency in admission process.
  • • advertise in the newspapers/College website regarding admissions.
  • • screen the applications for admission to various courses.
  • • interact with the students and parents in making effective decisions.
  • • guide the students to complete the admission procedure like paying fees, getting roll nos., getting hostel admission, getting ID-card, fulfilling eligibility criteria, getting time tables etc.
  • • send admission list and report to University & State Higher Education Council, Government of Karnataka.


Dr. Rajeshwari N, Chairperson & Principal
Dr. Krishnaswamy K Chief co-ordinator
Dr. Prabhakar B T IQAC co-ordinator
Dr. M. N. Chandrashekhar NAAC co-ordinator
Dr. Subramanya K Nodal Officer (B.Sc.)
Dr. Vidhyashankar M H Nodal Officer (B.C.A)


1. Dr. Vittal Rao K.S. Co-ordinator
2. Dr. Nagaraja N Member
3. Dr. Krishnamurthy G Member
4. Dr. Latha K.P. Member
5. Sri. Ravikumar R Member
6. Dr. Yuvaraj T.C.M Member
7. Dr. Parameshwar Naik P Member
8. Dr. Venkatesh P Member
9. Nagaveni G.K. (Phy) Member
10. Supriya S Y (Maths) Member
11. Harish K V (Chem) Member
12. Satish S (Chem) Member
13. Naveen M V (Chem) Member
14. Nydile (Phy) Member


1. Dr. Ramesh C K Co-ordinator
2. Dr. Onkarappa R Member
3. Dr. Mallikarjuna N Member
4. Dr. Parameshwar Naik T Member
5. Dr. K. L. Naik Member
6. Smt. Shantha A R Member
7. Dr. Nafeeza Beghum Member
8. Dr. Prabhakar B.T Member
9. Dr. Ashashree H M Member
10. Dr. Muttaiah S.M. Member
11. Dr. Varunakumar J.B. Member
12. Dr. Pradeepa K Member
13. Tara (Zoo) Member
14. Ashok N B (Chem) Member
15. Dr. Prashanth (Bot) Member
16. Dr. Nandan patel (Bot) Member
17. Dr. Veena (Biochem) Member
18. Dr. Ranjith Y (Bot) Member
19. Sri. Jeevan E N Member


1. Dr. Vidyashankar M. H Co-ordinator
2. Mohanesh K M Member
3. Dr. Sayeeshwara S.A. Member
4. Sri. Arun Kumar N C Member
5. Dr. Rangaswamy M Member
6. Dr. Pavithra G.M. Member
7. Shankar N Member
8. Annappa S Member
9. Asha (C.S) Member
10. Bendre Nagaraj (C.S) Member


1. Sri. Ramanaik S Superintendent
2. Sri. Kumara G M Member
3. Sri. Sandesh Kumar N Member
4. Sri. Ganapathi Kamath Member
5. Sri. Prashanth Kumar S Member