Reasoning Awareness among Student:

Our College has constituted Vijnana Parishath to Organise programme meant for removing blind and superstitious believes. It wants to establish the fact that anything we practice in our daily life without knowing why it is done, it will be treated as blind believes. Some practices are just conventional threatening people. We conduct programmes giving practical demonstration to prove that there is no reasoning behind blind believes. This is a slow process because students get into dialemo when we speak of science and reasoning. However the momentum is gaining the popularity.

Talent Recognition:

This is a Special programme organised by the staff of our college including those who served in the institution. They donate funds liberally to recognise and honour talented and Rank Students. In this regard every year we organise talent recognition programme entitled Prathibha Puraskara. On announcement of Rank by the University we organise a programme in our college to felicitate rank holders and top scorer in various subjects. It is a daylong programme under intimation to beneficiaries well in advance. In this colourful programme Rank holders and top scorer are brought to the stage and felicitated with a Memento and cash prize. This kind of promotion of talent encourages other students to study well and become the top scorer. In other wards talent felicitation is a motivation activity which is celebrated every year. The entire expenditure is borne by the staff association.

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