Alumni Committee

The Sahyadri Science College has an alumni association which meets every year. The association has been registered on 16th August 2021 under the Registration act bearing No. DRSH/SOR/82/2021-22. During the meet, alumni members are acquainted with the recent developments in the college, curricular changes, new courses/programmes, future plans, student benefit schemes etc. They have joined hands in organizing several social welfare programmes such as blood donation camps, tree plantation, and medical check-up for students. Many of the alumni have sponsored items such as books, hoardings etc. to the benefit of the inmates of the newly constructed ladies hostel. Some members are regularly sponsoring cash awards for meritorious students honoured in the yearly function of Prathibha Puraskara.

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Functions and Responsibilities

  • • To maintain an up-to-date and detailed information of the alumni.
  • • To highlight the success of alumni to improve the credibility and reputation of the university.
  • • Plan and promote a platform for interaction between all stakeholders.
  • • Promote the interests and welfare of alumni association.
  • • Maintain healthy relationship with the alumni body.
  • • Assist management in creating an environment in the college which is enables student to have long-lasting memories.
Sl. No.NAME 
1 Dr. Rajeshwari N President
2 Dr. Nagaraj Parisara Coordinator
3 Dr. K.P. Latha Member
4 Dr. C. K. Ramesh Member
5 Dr. Ramesh Babu H N Member
6 Dr. Mallikarjun Nayakar Member
7 Dr. N Nagaraj Member
8 Dr. K.L. Naik Member
9 Dr. Nafeesa Begum Member
11 Dr. Venkatesh P Member
12 Dr. Prabhakar B.T. Member
13 Sri. Ravikumar R Member
14 Dr. S.M. Muttaiah Member
15 Dr. IbramhimKhaleelulla Member
16 Dr. Rangaswamy M Member
17 Dr. Vidyashankar M H Member
18 Dr. Varunakumara J.B Member
19 Sri. Sujan B (Sports) Member
20 Smt. Roopa (Office) Member
21 Rashmi (Pathways) Member