Sadbhavana Vana

Sahyadri Science college, is known for its beautiful landscaping with trees and plants and park covers an area of12976.00 Sqm. At the front, abeautiful garden called Sadbhavana vana has been maintained, which has made its appearance elegant. Its efforts towards maintaining an eco-friendly campus are evident in its various programmes/activities such as special lectures, cleaning the campus, plantation, afforestation, etc. The staffs of the department of Environmental Science, Botany and Geology along with the students of NCC, NSS and Rangers & Rovers are constantly engaged in creating environment consciousness among students and public at large.

Greenery in the campus is because of tree plantation, which is a usual programme of the college. This is done by the regular interaction with forest department and local municipality. The sadbhavanavana has many varieties of plant species and is a good resource of studying plant diversity. Garden beautified with a variety of flowering and green plants and treeslike coconut palms, amla, jamun, jackfruit, mango, papaya and neem trees. A beautiful parijaat tree creates a white-orange carpet at the centre of the front garden. At the edges of the front garden are trees like tamarind, adulsa, nonion one side and kailashpati, akashneem white silk cotton and banyan trees on the other. The beautiful front gardenleads on to the front porch of the main college building, a fitting green welcome into the cool environs of thishallowed institute.