Sahyadri Science College established a Women Empowerment Cell during the academic year 2015-16 to empower women and help them in all walks of life. The cell aims at creating awareness about women empowerment among the faculties, staffs and students. It also aims at personality development of individual and to lead a decent and dignified life. Women of today are pragmatic, intelligent and aspire to be independent, self reliant and economically stable and therefore there is every need to empower them. Empowerment is inspiring women to develop courage to face challenges in society. The empowerment of women is vital and increases their ability to influence changes and contribute to a better society.

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  • • Make college safe for girls to pursue higher education in congenial environment.
  • • To prevent, report and discourage discrimination and harassment by others
  • • To uplift the universal responsibilities of human beings in the society such as ethnicity, nationality, religion or sex.
  • • Encourage the ability to think and express boldly and decide independently.
  • • Impart carrier guidance and counseling to facilitate financial independence
  • • Focus on health and women related issues.
  • • To create awareness among women students about women protection laws and rights.
  • • To address the complaints and problems of women students and staff.
  • • To strengthen the students physically, mentally and extending more support to face the present day situation.


Sl. no Name Designation
1 Dr. Rajeshwari N. Principal, SSC Chairman
2 Dr. Anitha Associate Professor, SSC Co-ordinator
3 Dr. Daisy Jasmine George Associate Professor, SSC Member
4 Geetha M.C. Lecturer, SSC Member
5 Vidya H.N. Student P.G. (IC) Member
6 Rajashree M. S. Student P.G. (GC) Member
7 Maithri H. Student B.Sc Member
8 Chandana Student B.Sc Member