Our college provides ample opportunities for students to blossom their talents. The college organizes cultural events under the banner of Sahyadri VijnanaParishath and Saniha, where, students can showcase their talents in varied forms of dance, music, drama, skits, mime, quiz etc. The best performers are rewarded suitably. The responsibility of identifying and nurturing sports talents lies with the physical director. He ensures that the sportsmen are trained properly and compete at different levels. The participation of women students is encouraged by conducting competitions exclusively meant for them such as singing, dance, drama, rangoli etc. Several cultural competitions will be held in the college under VijnanaParishat banner and the prizes are awarded to the talents.

To further support young talents ‘SANIHA’, a unique and very popular inter-collegiate cultural fest, is organized by the college every year which brings the students of various colleges to participate in different cultural events participate every year in “Sahyadri Utsav” a cultural event organized by the Kuvempu University for the students of the colleges coming under the jurisdiction of Kuvempu University.


ADHYAYA-2K22 is a cultural fest of Sahyadri science college which was started in the year 2022. The official logo of ADHYAYA-2K22 has launched on 04/07/2022 at sharp 10am. This newbeginning called ADHYAYA-2K22 was launched by Principal Dr. N Rajeshwari and our old student Shree Harsha. It is a two days event which includes more than 10 events each day like Miss and Match (a puzzlegame), Couple dance, Cooking without fire, Crazy cricket and many more. The first, second and third winners areannounced to be awarded with cash prize. The bestofthe programme was Chande beatswhich was beautifullydonebyShreeBhadrakalichande of Mangalore.The color code was given to students. Blue for First day and Black and White for Second day. The students were dressedupwiththesecoloroutfitson bothdays. Thisadhaya hasbeenthe bestpartof 2022.